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At Mørke ny Taxi we are prepared to service our customers in the best possible way. Consequently, our taxies cars are modern and safe, always look their very best and appear clean and tidy. Only the best is good enough for our customers, and our cars are therefore always in perfect condition.

A car for every purpose

We have a total of 5 taxies and 2 limousines, which are all equipped with free Wi-Fi. Each car has its own unique strength, and we determine which car is best suited for a particular job.

All of our taxi cars are characterised by high-level safety, good comfort and exquisite design, making your trip a completely unique taxi experience. However, which car will be used for a particular trip depends on the length of the trip, the number of passengers and any special needs. Our taxies and limousines comprise:


BMW is characterised by safety, security and functionality, and this car is no exception. It has room for four passengers, who can relax in stylish and flexible leather seats, making the trip a true pleasure.

Ford Custom

This car has room for a total of 8 passengers. It is well suited for long trips because the seats recline, enabling the passengers to travel in perfect comfort throughout. Won the prestigius price as the International Van of the Year 2013.

Audi A6 (1 cars)

Our Audi A6 Limousine has room for up to four passengers, who can enjoy the stylish leather seats. Plenty of leg-room ensures maximum comfort throughout the trip. The sporty and elegant design, which has been combined with functionality and comfort, guarantees you an extraordinary trip


The Skoda Superb has room for up to four passengers, who can enjoy the stylish leather seats.

A Superb delivers quality and functionality in every aspect. It’s more lightweight than the outgoing model while at the same time improving in terms of body stiffness. It’s very roomy inside and offers the biggest luggage space in the class. 


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