Transport to and from airports

If you are looking for a reliable and top-professional Taxi & Limousine company to transport yourself or more people to and from an airport, Mørke ny Taxi & Limousine Service is the right company for the job.

We offer a professional Taxi-/Limousine-service from and to all Airports in Denmark – though primarily in Jutland and on the island of Funen. For example, we have wide experience in driving from:

• Aalborg ( AAL )

• Aarhus ( AAR )

• Billund ( BLL )

• Karup ( KRP )

• Esbjerg ( EBJ )

• Kastrup ( CPH )

• Hamburg ( HAM )

• And many other airports.

If the job involves many people and destinations, we will be there if you need help coordinating the trip so that everyone will arrive safely at their final destination.

Professional transport to and from airports for business customers

Mørke ny TAXI & Limousine Service has wide experience in coordinating transport to and from airports. Many of our customers are business customers, and often they need to reach large seminars held in various places in Denmark.

As a result, we have often handled jobs which involved bringing up to 50 people to and from the airport and the seminar venue.​

We want to provide extra service and give our customers the best possible experience. Therefore, we make sure that we are updated on flight schedules and weather conditions, so that we know if a plane is delayed. If the customer doesen't catch the flight or in any other way will be delayed, then please contact us ASAP, so that we can change the booking and the driver will be there when the passenger will arrive.

We also have great experience transporting crews to fx. The Nederlands / Polen. We transport the crew safely by taxi with 2 drivers to the destination, wait for crew change and transport the off-signers back home. If you want more information please contact us.

No assignment is too big or too small

Even if we do not have the necessary resources for handling your transport, we can still handle the job. We cooperate with a professional bus company, and we can vouch for their services. Typically, we need their assistance for sightseeing trips or other large jobs.

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Our payment options

We accept all kind of credit cards. Now you can also pay with MobilePay or prepay a trip (for a small fee).

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